ZetaMag Tan


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Product Description

The newly refined ZetaMag, (3rd Generation) delivers the best performing, and most versatile ZetaMag yet.
New improvements include:
    • Chamfered Bezels
      The top notch now features exciting new chamfering technology to reduce the potential for mag catches to get stuck in the wrong spot.
    • Spring Buffers
      The springs now feature support buffers at the base to increase locking stability  and reduce chances of unintended release.
    • Strong Followers
      The mini followers are reinforced so they can better sustain high-G impacts.
    • Improved “last-ball” feeding
      Followers extend slightly higher to ensure that the final round is fully chambered in more situations.
    • Detent Upgrade
      The detents now feature new geometry that grabs paint and fins alike. Detent-springs are under more pressure to grab rounds, and released magazines will eject with more force.
  • More Compatibility
    Additional mag-catch points to interface with the Milsig SMG