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The QDSM ( Quick Disconnect and Sling Mount ) offers several both physical and performance benefits that will help your game.

Primarily, the QDSM removes the need to use cotter pins to hold your HeatCore in place. Instead, using a folding tab to not only lock the HeatCore pins in place, but to provide tension to the core in its mounted position. Our indepth testing has shown that applying tension to the HeatCore while installed can reduce the chances of misfire, especially when a large tank or heavy stock is installed.

Secondarily, the QDSM also offers a new sling mount position, which is in one of the sturdiest points of the marker. This is ideal for those running the HCS who have removed the factory sling mount, as well as many other applications.

The QDSM is made entirely from heat treated steel, offering a near indestructible construction.

Not yet suitable for the SMG.

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