The MILSIG HPA Airsoft platform combines simplicity, reliability, customizability, and compatibility into one platform.

The M6 utilizes our HeatCore® system as it’s engine; which is a fully mechanical system comprised of a regulator/air valve body, a single piece bolt, and a return spring. This makes regular maintenance on the M6 simple, easy, and be completed in less than 5 mins.
The HeatCore® is internally regulated with only one dynamic seal for an extremely long service life. It eliminates the need for extra inline regulators or complex air systems. The HeatCore’s single dynamic o-ring design also makes diagnosis simple and keeps you on the field for longer than any other platform.

Our Imperial threaded breach design allows the mounting of MOST standard AR-15 handguards with flawless monolithic rail alignment.

The M6 dauntless comes with a brass 6.03mm tight bore barrel. If this is not enough to meet your needs, our hop up is compatible with standard AEG barrels and buckings, allowing you to customize as desired.

Need to adjust your hop up? No problem, you can adjust on the fly without any teardown required using a 3mm Allen key (included).

Each M6 Dauntless comes with a fully adjustable velocity lock that allows you to set your velocity, and then lock it in place to avoid on-field adjustment.

No wires, no batteries, no gimmicks. Our patented mechanical full auto system fires at up to 30 balls per second at 400 feet per second.

Not a fan of running a pneumatic line, the M6 has a rear ASA that allows direct mounting of air bottles to the gun.