revealed in a cutaway of the body of a M17 A2.

Zoom in on the image above for a closer look

There have been very few markers released that truly changed the face of MagFed. The MILSIG M17 A2 is one of those markers. As the only mechanical full auto MagFed rifle, it is THE game changer. A Close Quarter Combat nightmare designed to strike fear in the minds of opposing forces.

The M17 is the lightest, most reliable and durable MagFed rifle made, proving itself to be what you’re looking for in tactical and milsim paintball. A maneuverable marker that will put a lot of rounds down range in a hurry.

Inside of every MILSIG M17 A2 you will find a steel skeleton, a battle hardened alloy embedded for maximum strength and durability that is matched by no other. The M17 is purely a reflection and an extension of what we know MagFed players already have, a Heart of Steel.

New rubber spacers to dampen magazine vibration during full auto fire.

Barrel uses A-5 threads, the most popular barrel thread in paintball

Real steel skeleton encased is weapon grade polymer. Safe / semi / full auto selector switch.

Ambidextrous mag release. 18 round First Strike / paintball magazine

Do you have a Heart of Steel? Are you a MagFed player? Then pick up this fully automatic mechanical beast and let your hearts and minds lead the way with the most popular paintball marker in MagFed.