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If you’ve been on the fence about getting an ELITE, this is your last chance. These Elite M17 models are the last available in the U.S. and will no longer be produced.

Metal magwells are no longer available individually and are only available mounted on these ELITE M17 models.

The M17 Elite took all the features MagFed players asked for in the CQC and put them in one marker.

Among the most notable list of features, the M17 includes factory mechanical full auto that uses no wires, batteries, pistons or other complex functions. The Full Auto is fixed at 12.5bps and can be tuned for activation with a single screw.

The M17 is the most widely adopted magazine fed marker in the world. Basing its platform from a nylon composite coated steel sub frame nicknamed “The Heart of Steel” for its near indestructible construction. The M17 is lightweight, simple to maintain and extremely fun to use.


  • Length: 785mm (including 13ci tank in stock)
    397mm without stock
  • Nylon composite / skeletal steel construction
  • 2 pin maintenance take down
  • Mechanical Full-Auto
  • Interchangeable AR-15 style grip
  • AR-15 style Bolt Reset Handle
  • Fire selector switch
  • Metal Magazine well with AR-15 style release
  • First Strike Compatible
  • ERGO Grip sold separately
    Package includes:

  • M17 ELITE marker with monolithic aluminum top rail
  • 160mm aluminum shroud with optional rail mounting surfaces
  • 300mm ported smooth bore barrel
  • 1x 18 round First Strike compatible magazine
  • 1x 20 round .68 caliber magazine
  • MATS 13ci compatible butt stock
  • Polymer flip-up iron sights
  • Barrel Plug
  • Spare parts and tool